Unions support activities, issues and candidates, such as abortion, that members have moral or religious objections to.

Unions have become very powerful political operations, based primarily on members’ dues. Most union members never voted to join or form the union. It was there when you got that job, and you were required to join in order to get the job. It is the cost of doing business. That cost is over $1,000.00 a year for most members. Much of that money goes to causes that many members disagree with.

Using the California Teachers Association as an example, the CTA supports and funds various causes such as a single payer health-care system (Obama Care), opposing Proposition 4 in California that would have required parental notification of minors before they had an abortion, and opposing Proposition 8 in California, which sought to define marriage in the California constitution as between one man and one woman. CTA became one of the largest donors to this No on 8, anti-family campaign, giving over $1.3 Million of members’ hard earned dollars.

This is typical of many employee unions.