If you believe that it is not right to take your money to use and advocate for something you do not agree with, then you can ChooseCharity and divert your dues to a charity of your choice.

Federal Law (Title VII) allows you to “opt-out” of your union dues if you have a “sincerely held religious belief.” For many people this is simply a belief that you do not want to be connected (or “unequally yoked”) with a group that promotes things like abortion, or other morally objectionable causes.

ChooseCharity has put a program together with legal services to make it as simple as possible to process your request with your union. It is a rather difficult process, but our attorneys have processed thousands of cases. All you need to do is Get Started to begin the process.

In many cases the member gets their “political” portion of their dues returned to them (or never deducted from your paycheck). In the case of teachers, that is over $300 per year. The other $700 per year is directed to the charity of your choice.